Stain­less steel tubes

Whe­ther small or lar­ge dia­me­ter or thick-or thin-wal­led pipes - we have the right pro­duct for you.
Our staff is plea­sed to advi­se you about:

  • Pipes
  • Wel­ded tubes
  • Con­s­truc­tion tubes
  • Seam­less tubes
  • Piping for beverages
  • Hol­low bars
  • Deco­ra­ti­ve tubes
  • Capil­la­ry tubes
  • Thin-wal­led tubes
  • Flat oval tubes
  • Squa­re tubes
  • Tubes made of cen­tri­fu­gal­ly cast

Our pro­ducts are available in dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons, for exam­p­le annea­led, not annea­led, bright finis­hed, pick­led and polished or brushed and polished.


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