Stainless steel products standard

Stainless steel tubes

Whether small or large diameter or thick-or thin-walled pipes - we have the right product for you. Our staff is pleased to advise you about: Pipes Welded tubes Construction tubes Seamless...

Stainless steel bars

We offer a broad range of steel bars in different versions. Our product portfolio includes round steel, flat steel, square steel, hexagonal steel, semicircular steel and flat semicircular...

Stainless steel sheets

The place of action is decisive for sheets - indoor or outdoor and how strongly the material is stressed. Depending on th at, the sheets have to be different in structure and quality to...

Stainless steel profiles

Our stainless steel profiles meet all important conditions of, for example, requirements for flooring profiles, construction sites or construction building. We deliver for your individual...

Stainless steel hollow bars

In our product portfolio you will find an extensive range of hollow steel. The material saving with hollow bars enables you to reduce costs and is thus a good alternative to our massive...

Tube accessories

In our sortiment you will recieve threaded fittings in various versions. Weld fitting in the form of bends or T-pieces and flangs are also available for you. The quality of the material...


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