Guiding Principles

Günter Lämmermeier OHG

Our moral model

Honesty, humanity, justice

Our general principle

Everything from one source, one contact, continuous quality control

Guiding principles

Work and areas of expertise
We are flexible, reliable, fast, friendly an skilled problem solver

Qualitiy of service
By quality we mean accuracy and continuous monitoring

Informing and Communicating
We communicate honest and open in our team and with our customers

We are working in an honestly and familiarly way

We define objectives together an stand with them. Our basis ist honest and open communication and a friendly relationship with each other

We met our customers at eye level. This guarantees a fair partnership for both.

With great personal commitment of individuals and the group, and the constant view of sustainability, we ensure our financial resources.

Partners and stakeholders
Our collaboration with Partners is ensured by reliabilitiy, friendliness and honesty.

Go easy on resources
To go easy on resources, work equipment is treated carefully in all areas, both in office and technical sphere. Apart from that we make investments to facilitate the employees their job.


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Günter Lämmermeier OHG
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D-86732 Oettingen

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