Vierkant gefraestMade of 125 meters Ø50 in mate­ri­al 1.4841 squa­re 40x40 mm in various lengths from 128 mm to 618 mm with a tole­rance of +/- 0.2 mm.






wasserstrahlzuschnitte40 tons water­jet cuts, thic­k­ness 8 mm 1.4404
Sur­face 1D bore holes coun­ter­sunk and sheets clea­ned with spe­cial chemcials.






saegezuschnitte30.000 saw-cut tubes 58,0 x 1,8 one-sided with 45° mit­re and one drill 4 mm. Bor­ho­le inner and outer deburred.






gewindebohrungen1.000 pie­ces round 21 in dif­fe­rent length with 2 threa­ded holes M6 and one threa­ded hole M5. Bore­holes are off­set by 90°.






querbohrungRound 8 sawn on length with two front-mounted,centered threa­ded holes M6 and one cross bore drm. 4,1.






3d-schnitt2000 squa­re tubes with 3D-sec­tion in one saw cut







rohr-mit-aufgeschweisstem-deckelTube 159,0 x 4,0 with wel­ded cap and holes, com­ple­te­ly stained.






gekantete-lascheAll sides polished edged hol­ders with bro­ken edges and coun­ter­sunk bores






gelasert-und-gekantete-halter10.000 pie­ces lasered and edged hol­ders in mate­ri­al 1.4310






edelstahlbloecke20 tons for­ged stain­less steel blocs in a spe­cial dimen­si­on and yield strength.






biogasanlagenhalterungBra­ckets for bio­gas plants from flat mate­ri­al sawn, dril­led, bent, wel­ded and pickled.






pumpengehaeuse-aus-rohrCasing of a pump from pipe 88,9 x 2,6. The pipe is pro­vi­ded with holes and tur­ned out insi­de. The sur­face is polished gra­de 400.


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