Sur­face finis­hing

As an expert for sur­face finis­hing of stain­less steel you can get from us all pro­ces­sing opti­ons from one source. We grind for you tubes in dif­fe­rent dia­me­ters and she­ets of all sizes and strength, as well as stan­dard pro­files, also for mari­ti­me pur­po­ses.
We also offer various ways of poli­shing, like indus­tri­al, high-gloss or mir­ror finis­hed. Just as soon we can brush or coa­ting your pro­duct or using glass bead and cer­a­mic blas­ting to gain a even­ly sur­face

You can choo­se bet­ween the fol­lowing opti­ons:

  • grin­ding gra­de 240
  • grin­ding gra­de 320
  • grin­ding gra­de 400
  • grin­ding gra­de 600
  • grin­ding gra­de 800
  • duplo grin­ding
  • indus­tri­al poli­shing
  • high-gloss poli­shing
  • mir­ror poli­shing
  • brushing
  • glass bead blas­ting
  • cer­a­mic blas­ting
  • coa­ting


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