• The com­pa­ny Gün­ter Läm­mer­mei­er OHG was foun­ded in 1999. Gün­ter Läm­mer­mei­er began his self-employ­ment in 1996 as a metal trade representative.
  • Mr. Läm­mer­mei­er has been suc­cessful­ly working in the stain­less steel trade for more than 15 years now
  • In 2002, the com­pa­ny was exten­ded with an own warehouse and the pro­ces­sing sector.
  • As part of the reor­ga­ni­sa­ti­on of the com­pa­ny struc­tu­re, it was pos­si­ble to include a new share­hol­der in the OHG.
  • The expan­si­on and exten­si­on of the admi­nis­tra­ti­ve and sales and mar­ke­ting site in 2008 took account of the con­sis­tent and suc­cessful com­pa­ny manage­ment and makes it pos­si­ble for the employees to enjoy opti­mum working conditions.
  • At the end of 2011 we start at the admi­nis­tra­ti­ve offices with paper­less pro­ces­sing and archi­ving. Ther­eby the com­pa­ny makes some room at admi­nis­tra­ti­ves pre­mi­ses in order to crea­te more room for the gro­wing num­ber of employees.
  • The com­pa­ny is always rea­dy for the expan­si­on and moder­niza­ti­on of the machinery.
  • The com­pa­ny Gün­ter Läm­mer­mei­er OHG curr­ent­ly employs 25 staff mem­bers, inclu­ding 10 sales employees and one trai­nee. The com­pa­ny atta­ches gre­at importance to ongo­ing fur­ther trai­ning of the employees and the acqui­si­ti­on of new qualifications.
  • The employees work as a high­ly moti­va­ted team and accom­plish out­stan­ding work in order to sup­p­ly their cus­to­mers high qua­li­ty pro­ducts and services.


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Gün­ter Läm­mer­mei­er OHG
Bau­mets­wie­se 6
D-86732 Oet­tin­gen