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OHG: court of regis­tra­ti­on Augsburg
HRA 151 85

Respon­si­ble for con­tent accor­ding to § 6 MDStV: Gün­ter Lämmermeier


1. Con­tents of the online offer

The aut­hor can­not under­ta­ke any gua­ran­tee for the up-to-daten­ess, cor­rect­ness, com­ple­ten­ess or qua­li­ty of the infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded. Lia­bi­li­ty claims against the aut­hor that refer to dama­ge of a mate­ri­al or non-mate­ri­al natu­re and cau­sed by use or non-use of the infor­ma­ti­on pre­sen­ted and by use of incor­rect and incom­ple­te infor­ma­ti­on are excluded as a mat­ter of prin­ci­ple, inso­far as no demons­tra­b­ly deli­be­ra­te or gross­ly negli­gent fault exists on the author’s part. All offers are wit­hout obli­ga­ti­on and non-bin­ding. The aut­hor express­ly reser­ves the right to modi­fy, sup­ple­ment or dele­te parts of the pages or the enti­re offer wit­hout sepa­ra­te noti­ce or cea­se publi­ca­ti­on tem­po­r­a­ri­ly or permanently.

2. Refe­ren­ces and links

In case of direct or indi­rect refe­ren­ces to exter­nal web­pages („links”) that are bey­ond the author’s reach of respon­si­bi­li­ty, obli­ga­ti­on to assu­me lia­bi­li­ty would sole­ly app­ly in cases in which the aut­hor is awa­re of the con­tent and it is tech­ni­cal­ly pos­si­ble and reasonable for him to pre­vent use in case of ille­gal con­tent. The aut­hor express­ly decla­res that no ille­gal con­tent was reco­g­nisable on the web­pages to which links were to be made at the time of estab­li­shing the links. The aut­hor does not have any influence whatsoe­ver over the cur­rent and future design, the con­tent or the copy­right sta­tus of the lin­ked webpages.
Con­se­quent­ly, he her­eby express­ly distances hims­elf from all con­tent of all lin­ked web­pages that have been modi­fied sin­ce the links were estab­lished. This state­ment appli­es to all the links and refe­ren­ces made within the own inter­net pre­sen­ta­ti­on. The pro­vi­der of the web­page to which the link was made is sole­ly lia­ble for ille­gal, incor­rect or incom­ple­te con­tents and par­ti­cu­lar­ly for dama­ge ari­sing from use or non-use of such infor­ma­ti­on pre­sen­ted and not the per­son who mere­ly refers to the respec­ti­ve publi­ca­ti­on through links.

3. Copy­right and trade­mark law

The aut­hor endea­vours to respect in all publi­ca­ti­ons the copy­rights of the gra­phics, sound docu­ments, video sequen­ces and texts used, employ gra­phics, sound docu­ments, video sequen­ces and texts crea­ted by hims­elf or resort to licence-free gra­phics, sound docu­ments, video sequen­ces and texts. All the brand names and trade­marks men­tio­ned within the Inter­net offer and pos­si­bly pro­tec­ted by third par­ties are unrest­ric­ted­ly sub­ject to the respec­tively appli­ca­ble trade­mark law and the pro­per­ty rights of the respec­ti­ve regis­tered owner. It must not be con­cluded based on mere men­ti­on alo­ne that trade­marks are not pro­tec­ted by third par­ty rights! The copy­right for published objects pro­du­ced by the aut­hor hims­elf remains sole­ly with the aut­hor of the pages. Repro­duc­tion or use of such gra­phics, sound docu­ments, video sequen­ces and texts in other elec­tro­nic or prin­ted publi­ca­ti­ons is pro­hi­bi­ted wit­hout the express con­sent of the author.

4. Data protection

Inso­far as the pos­si­bi­li­ty for ent­ry of per­so­nal or busi­ness data exists within the Inter­net offer (email addres­ses, names, pos­tal addres­ses), the­se data are dis­c­lo­sed on an express­ly vol­un­t­a­ry basis on the user’s part. Uti­li­sa­ti­on and pay­ment of all ser­vices offe­red is also allo­wed - inso­far as tech­ni­cal­ly pos­si­ble and reasonable - wit­hout ente­ring such data or by ente­ring anony­mi­sed data or a pseudonym.

This web­site uses Goog­le Ana­ly­tics, a web ana­ly­tics ser­vice pro­vi­ded by Goog­le, Inc. (“Goog­le”).  Goog­le Ana­ly­tics uses “coo­kies”, which are text files pla­ced on your com­pu­ter, to help the web­site ana­ly­ze how users use the site. The infor­ma­ti­on gene­ra­ted by the coo­kie about your use of the web­site (inclu­ding your IP address) will be trans­mit­ted to and stored by Goog­le on ser­vers in the United Sta­tes. In case of acti­va­ti­on of the IP anony­miza­ti­on, Goog­le will truncate/anonymize the last octet of the IP address for Mem­ber Sta­tes of the Euro­pean Uni­on as well as for other par­ties to the Agree­ment on the Euro­pean Eco­no­mic Area. Only in excep­tio­nal cases, the full IP address is sent to and shor­ten­ed by Goog­le ser­vers in the USA. On behalf of the web­site pro­vi­der Goog­le will use this infor­ma­ti­on for the pur­po­se of eva­lua­ting your use of the web­site, com­pi­ling reports on web­site acti­vi­ty for web­site ope­ra­tors and pro­vi­ding other ser­vices rela­ting to web­site acti­vi­ty and inter­net usa­ge to the web­site pro­vi­der. Goog­le will not asso­cia­te your IP address with any other data held by Goog­le. You may refu­se the use of coo­kies by sel­ec­ting the appro­pria­te set­tings on your brow­ser. Howe­ver, plea­se note that if you do this, you may not be able to use the full func­tion­a­li­ty of this web­site. Fur­ther­mo­re you can pre­vent Google’s coll­ec­tion and use of data (coo­kies and IP address) by down­loa­ding and instal­ling the brow­ser plug-in available under

Fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on can be found under (Goog­le Ana­ly­tics Terms of Ser­vice & Pri­va­cy). Plea­se note that on this web­site, Goog­le Ana­ly­tics code is sup­ple­men­ted by “gat._anonymizeIp();” to ensu­re an anony­mi­zed coll­ec­tion of IP addres­ses (so cal­led IP-masking).“

Dis­clai­mer for Face­book (Face­book Social Plug-in)

Our web­site uses so cal­led Social Plug­ins („Plug­ins) of the social net­work, which is ope­ra­ted by Face­book Inc., 1601 S. Cali­for­nia Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Face­book”).
The plug­ins are iden­ti­fia­ble by one of the Face­book logos (white “f” on a blue back­ground or a “thump-up” sign) or are iden­ti­fied by the phra­se “Face­book Social Plug­in”. The list and the look of Face­book Social Plug­ins can be found here:

Pur­po­se and detail of the data assess­ment and the fur­ther use and ana­ly­sis of the Data through Face­book and your thus rela­ted per­so­nal rights and con­trol func­tions to pro­tect your pri­va­te data can be found in the data dis­clai­mer of Face­book:

If you are a mem­ber of Face­book and do not want Face­book to coll­ect your data via our web­site and stores it in rela­ti­onship to your Face­book mem­ber account, you will need to log out of Face­book pri­or to the visit of our web­site and you may also have to dele­te any rela­ted coo­kies stored local­ly by Facebook.

Fur­ther­mo­re it is pos­si­ble to block the data gene­ra­ti­on of Face­book Plug-ins by using brow­ser add-ons such as „Face­book Blocker“

5. Legal vali­di­ty of this disclaimer

This dis­clai­mer is to be regard­ed as a part of the Inter­net offer from which refe­rence was made to this web­page. Should parts or indi­vi­du­al wor­dings of this text fail to com­ply, no lon­ger or not com­ple­te­ly com­ply with the cur­rent legal situa­ti­on, the remai­ning parts of the docu­ment shall remain unaf­fec­ted in their con­tent and validity.


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