Deli­very Area

Bene­ath our main deli­very are­as Ger­ma­ny and Aus­tria, we deli­ver to Slo­ve­nia, Poland, Bul­ga­ria, Bel­gi­um, Nether­lands, Switz­er­land, Ita­ly, Croa­tia, Czech Repu­blic, Hun­ga­ry, Lit­hua­nia, Lat­via, Den­mark, Gre­at Bri­tain, Spain and Fran­ce. If it’s a need to, of cour­se we deli­ver to ano­t­her countrys.

Due to our con­ta­cts to other plants in ger­ma­ny and throughout Euro­pe we are able to deli­ver fast and convinient.


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Gün­ter Läm­mer­mei­er OHG
Bau­mets­wie­se 6
D-86732 Oettin­gen